We offer private lessons for both large and small groups, as well as single couples! Please fill out the form at the bottom to request a private lesson. 


The price breaks are as follows:

1 couple              $70/couple/hour

2-4 couples         $35/couple/hour

5-10 couples       $25/couple/hour

11-15 couples      $20/couple/hour

16 + couples        $15/couple/hour


If your lesson location is more than 25 miles from the Bryan/College Station Area, additional travel fees may be required


Please note:

We practice long and hard to ensure the safety of our team members as well as those who take our lessons! Unfortunately, we have a list of team only moves that we are unable to teach to the public due to safety precautions. Click here for a list of the Aggie Wranglers team only moves.

Important Information

When submitting a request, please remember first and foremost that the Aggie Wranglers is an organization comprised solely of Texas A&M University students. While the team is committed to making as many lessons as possible, our members are full-time students first, with some of our members also balancing jobs in addition to their schoolwork. Because of this, there will be times that the team will be unable to make a request given the academic calendar. This also makes the team unable to commit to requests too far in advance within or beyond the current school year or when the dates of assignments, exams, etc. are not yet known.  Additionally, the size of the team in the summer can be small and therefore our availability is limited due to the fact that this is the time when our senior members have just graduated and our new members are being trained.


The team has only one (1) official team meeting per week. This is the only time that private lessons requests are brought up to the team for assessment. If you are on a tight deadline, please email our Lessons Coordinator at lessons@wranglers.tamu.edu to follow up with your lessons request submission. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as it is possible.

Submissions Process

Requests can be made online using the link at the bottom of the page.

The Aggie Wranglers require online submission, as the data is entered directly into our request database. All requests will be processed on a first come, first serve basis based on the time stamp of your submission online.

Factors that are considered when assessing lessons requests are:

  • The requested date/time of the lesson
  • The number of couples we have available
  • What other performances or lessons we have committed to
  • Travel time to and from lessons
  • Safety of the venue

Submitting your request online does not automatically mean that the lesson has been scheduled. 


We typically evaluate lessons requests 4-6 weeks prior to the lesson date and notify the request’s submitter within a week of evaluation.

Change in Requested Date/Time Change Policy

Since it is typical that the Aggie Wranglers may give multiple performances and lessons in multiple locations on a given date, the team reserves the right to refuse a confirmed lesson if the requester changes the private lesson time by more than 30 minutes from the original request time.

Lessons Expectations

Team members will arrive 30 minutes early to the location unless specified otherwise.  What you will need for your lesson:

  • Completed liability waiver for each partner
  • Closed-toed shoes and appropriate clothes (Jitterbug – no low cut shirts, skirts etc.)

If you have any other questions about our lessons, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions section. If you are still unable to find an answer, do not hesitate to contact our Lessons Coordinator at lessons@wranglers.tamu.edu

Space Requirements

The Aggie Wranglers require at least a five (5) square foot area for the teaching couple to instruct your private lesson. Please keep in mind, more space is necessary with each additional couple attending the private lesson.

In the event that you request jitterbug moves to be incorporated into your lesson, it is recommended that the lesson area have at least a twelve (12) foot ceiling height to maintain participant safety.


Lessons may be paid for in cash or check.  Checks may be made payable to The Aggie Wranglers.  If you have any additional questions about payment, please contact treasurer@wranglers.tamu.edu.


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