Partner Search Database

Interested in joining the team but can’t find someone who will try out with you?  Maybe you just want to take lessons, but don’t have a partner?

 The Partner Search Database is where you can find one.  Simply follow the link, enter your NetID, and scroll through other students’ profiles who are in the same spot.  Happy hunting!

Things to Know

How do I log in?

Enter your NetID that you would use for Howdy.


What if I don’t have a NetID for the university?

Due to security, only current students are able to use the Partner Search Database with a NetID.


How do I use the Partner Search Database?

Start by making a profile and entering pertinent information such as “Yes, I would like to try out,” or “No, I only want to take lessons.”  From there, you can choose to insert as much about yourself as you deem necessary and begin searching.

A rule of thumb when finding a partner to try out with: Keep in mind that in order to safely execute jitterbug, we suggest that you remain conscious of all different body types and abilities when trying to find an ideal match.