Performance Requests

When submitting a request, please remember first and foremost that the Aggie Wranglers is an organization comprised solely of Texas A&M University students. While the team is committed to making as many performances as possible, our members are full-time students first, with some of our members also balancing jobs in addition to their schoolwork. Because of this, there will be times that the team will be unable to make a request given the academic calendar. This also makes the team unable to commit to requests too far in advance within or beyond the current school year or when the dates of assignments, exams, etc. are not yet known.  Additionally, the size of the team in the summer can be small and therefore our availability is limited due to the fact that this is the time when our senior members have just graduated and our new members are being trained.

Please remember that as students our schedules change every semester and we can not commit to performances too far in advance. If your performance is more than 2 or 3 months in advance we may not be able to evaluate it until a later date. Our PR officer will be in contact with you regarding the status of your performance following your performance request submission. We typically evaluate performance requests 6-8 weeks prior to the performance date and notify the request’s submitter within a week of evaluation.

Request a Performance Here

Submission Process

The Aggie Wranglers requires online submission and we cannot accept performance requests via email. All requests will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis based on the time stamp of your online submission.

Factors that are considered when assessing performance requests are:

  • The requested time of the performance
  • Purpose of the performance
  • The number of couples we have available
  • Safety of the venue
  • Other performances we have committed to
  • Travel time to and from performances

Submitting your request online does not automatically mean that the performance has been scheduled. 

Change in Requested Date/Time Change Policy

Since it is typical that the Aggie Wranglers may give multiple performances in multiple locations on a given date, the team reserves the right to refuse a confirmed performance if the requester changes the performance time by more than 30 minutes from the original request time.

Performance Expectations

The Aggie Wranglers typically give a performance consisting of two polka routine songs as well as a jitterbug (stunt) song in between, which typically lasts anywhere from 12-20 minutes. The Aggie Wranglers will attempt to make accommodations according to the requester’s needs. However, the Aggie Wranglers are unable to guarantee that all individual requests will be fulfilled.

If your request is confirmed, the team will be planning to arrive at the location one (1) hour before the agreed performance time unless otherwise specified in the request. The typical number of couples performing range from a minimum of  3 to a maximum of 10. However, the team does not guarantee it will be able to bring the maximum number of couples as that ultimately depends on individual students’ schedules.

The Aggie Wranglers come prepared with our own audio equipment to each performance unless otherwise specified in your request.

Space Requirements

The Aggie Wranglers require at least a five (5) square foot area for every couple that performs. For planning purposes, it is helpful to include the space available to give the team an idea of the maximum number of couples that will be able to dance.

Furthermore, it is recommended that the performance area have at least a twelve (12) foot ceiling height. Ceiling height below this level may limit certain moves that the team typically demonstrates at performances.


In hopes of continuing to offer performances free of charge, the Aggie Wranglers gladly accept and appreciate donations to assist with the costs associated with operating and traveling as an organization. Information regarding donations is available here.

If you have any questions you may contact our Public Relations Officer at